What is Foods That Do Good?

Foods That Do Good presents dietary information about the five food groups to assist health professionals in providing Australians with easy-to-understand advice on how to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

Foods That Do Good aims to:

• Present up-to-date research findings relevant to nutrition;
• Provide advice on how to achieve a balanced diet;
• Explain why a balanced diet is important; and
• Clarify why there are five designated food groups.

Nutritional evidence presented through Foods That Do Good focuses on areas such as: The five food groups, nutrients, diets, trends, food alternatives, scientific research, dietary imbalance, consumption patterns and more.

Foods That Do Good does not replace personalised advice from health professionals. 

Foods That Do Good is not a resource that provides advice or information about treatments for medical diseases, nor is it a resource for all the latest scientific evidence for every food group in each health-related condition. 

The program does not attempt to present all available information about all food groups, rather it is a program designed to share information about all five food groups via links to other sources. The program acts as a gateway to quality information.

Foods That Do Good is all about equipping health professionals with easy-to-access and evidence-based nutrition information so that health professionals can better inform Australians about healthy eating.